Diploma Program: new professionals in data Science will be graduated in December

Around 142 students are currently taking the new cohort of the Diploma program in Data Science, Machine Learning and its Applications, delivered by the Faculty of Mathematics, Astronomy, Physics and Computing Sciences of the National University of Córdoba (FaMAF- UNC)

This proposal, put forward on the Node of Artificial Intelligence framework, is an academic training course developed jointly by the Academic Institution and the Industry which aims at professionalize specialized profiles in Data Science.

In this fourth edition the focus was to promote the attendance of women at the Diploma program, thus, 20 scholarships were fully granted for this purpose. Every year a number of professionals are graduated making up a great community of specialists in this field today.  The next graduation ceremony will be held in December and new undergraduates will join over 300 others who completed the diploma program in previous years.

It should be noted that those who have graduated have the knowledge as well as the specific tools about machine learning and the skills-set to enable management, assessment, communication of data treatment results interpretation and the scope and implications of the results obtained.