Learn in this video everything about Córdoba and the Artificial Intelligence NODE

Córdoba, a province that extends itself to the world from the center of the Argentine Republic. It stands out for its vast productive profile. It is known as one of the most important technology development hubs in the Latin American region.

With 12 universities, Cordoba is the most prestigious University district within Argentina, generating knowledge that interacts and link to the socio productive sector.

It is from this virtuous network that in 2018 the ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE NODE was originated as a partnership between institutions which are referent to the private, public and academic sectors.

With a Pioneer working model in Latin America, the Node was planned as a working space for the technology linking and innovation between the ITC industry and the academic and productive environment. 

The ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE NODE focuses on building knowledge in Data Science and developing innovative solutions based on artificial intelligence, by working on three main pillars.

We invite you to learn more about the ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE NODE in this video.